Fall in love with Jávea

Consider Jávea your place. It doesn’t matter if it is your first time in this Mediterranean paradise. Javea will welcome you as an old friend.

Where is it? Jávea

But first, where are we?

Jávea is a town located on the east coast of Spain, between Valencia and Alicante. The strong personality of this municipality is due to its mixture of cultures, old traditions and a natural spectacle.

Wild nature

You’ve never seen such clearer water. Virgin beaches and coves await for you in this land of the ever present sun, where land and sea blend perfectly in extraordinary harmony.


Only good products that result on unforgettable dishes. Real, natural products grown by local farmers and manufacturers are part of our culture as Jávea was a former fishermen and wine brewers town. Not only Paella but wine, raisins, cocas, or vegetables are our pride to share with visitors and friends.


Not only sun and nature make this place an extraordinary option to spend you life in. Jávea is known for being an artistic center that was frequented by painters, philosophers and architects. Such as Joaquín Sorolla, André Lambert or Manuel Jorge.

More about Jávea

Jávea has a wide range of communication possibilities. Due to its location, it benefits from a complete road network that connects the municipality with the rest of the nearby towns and with capitals of the province, Alicante and Valencia. Other towns can be easily reached by taking a bus form the town, a train from Gandia or a plane from Alicante or Valencia. Furthermore, maritime transport on the Costa Blanca is very active in Alicante, as its port has become one of the most important for cruise tourism in the Mediterranean, and from Dénia you can visit the Balearic Islands all year round.

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