Sustainability and natural materials

Architect Jerome Wepierre and quantity surveyor Enrique Salavert, from the Jessica Bataille Company team, help us to understand in depth concepts such as sustainability in construction projects through the use of natural materials.

Sustainability is a broad concept that is increasingly used in construction and interior design projects. It has many nuances, but one of the most important is the use of natural materials: traditional, organic and chemical-free. Architect Jerome Wepierre and quantity surveyor Enrique Salavert, from the Jessica Bataille Company team, explain what this sustainable approach consists of through the materials used in the construction, renovation and design of each home.

“On this path towards sustainability, our mission is to combine the energy efficiency of being comfortable in your home and having a low energy demand with the use of sustainable materials, kilometre 0, that are natural – which means the elimination of chemical substances – and with little treatment”. Quantity surveyor Enrique Salavert talks about highly efficient homes, with Passivhaus as the ultimate goal, using very traditional materials, “those that our great-grandparents used: terracotta or natural stone floors, lime mortar for whitewashing the walls, but with up-to-date technology”.

Architect Jerome Wepierre also explains the role of local interior design and craftsmanship: “In a global project it is important to be consistent with our philosophy from start to finish, because that is what we want to convey with our houses. There is no point in taking care of the construction if we don’t then follow the same criteria with the interior design elements in the interior. We have to be careful when it comes to paints or treatments of materials and furniture and that is why we are working with brands that guarantee us that their products are natural and that they respect the environment. The key, as always, is health and living in a healthy space.”

In addition, there are basic aspects that transcend the choice of some materials or others, such as the fact that the houses are insulated and have good ventilation and air renewal. “This is what happens, for example, in Ca La Pinada, which transmits something magical when you enter”. Enrique Salavert tells us about one of Jessica Bataille Company’s projects, which follows Passivhaus standards, in which the materials used guarantee the airtightness of the building and completely eliminate air infiltration. The way of building and the technical details are also fundamental.

The process starts from the first minute: “the first thing is to reduce, to try to reuse houses, refurbishing them as we have done with Ca La Bahía. This is a first step towards a circular economy”, Enrique Salavert tells us. Local materials and sustainable finishes complete this necessary look that is both present and future.


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